Virtual ToursVirtual Tour or Slide Show

Use Virtual Tours To Market Your Business........

Have us create a Virtual Tour or Slide Show and use it as a marketing tool for years.

The link can be published in your marketing materials which will allow the customer to take a tour of your business or listing...... whenever & where ever they have internet access.  Business Virtual Tours & Slide Shows can renew each year.  

Our Virtual Tours & Slide Shows can be viewed anytime.....from anywhere....with Internet access.  Just click on the link provided to you and watch the presentation.

    Click Here to see a virtual tour sample for the "Abbott House" which will be used for "Business Presentations" 


What Is A Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is a "On Line Media Presentation"

that represents an actual location in a realistic form.

(usually using still photography or videos)

Our Virtual Tours & Slide Shows can showcase your home or business

24 hours a day...7 days a week...365 days a year...

What is the Difference between a "Virtual Tour" & a "Slide Show" ?

 "Virtual Tours"

Are a combination of still shot images, partial or full 360 degree panoramic spins - combined into a professional presentation.

5 14 Dining Living Pano 2 tn

 "Slide Shows"

Are still shot images combined into a professional presentation.

"Resource It - 2 Me" can set up a photo shoot and take professional photos for you


"Clients" can provide "High Quality Digital Images" to us to create a Slide Show.

19 Kitchen tn13 Living Room View 1 tn17 Living Room View 2 tn

Photo Requirements

If a Client Provides the Photos for a Slide Show......

All Photos supplied to "Resource It - 2 Me" MUST be high quality digital images.

We reserve the right to refuse any unprofessional images for the slide shows we create.

Minimum image size to be provided by clients for a slide show is:  1200 x 1600 pixels

Only Still Images.....No Panoramic Images maybe used for Slide Shows

"Slide Shows" are similar to "Virtual Tours" with the exception that they do not have "Panoramic Images" It only contains "Still Images"